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Create a Home Spa in Your Bathroom on a Budget

Create a Home Spa in Your Bathroom on a Budget

KAREN September 18, 2019

Every women loves a bit of pampering. You don’t have to wait to pay for an expensive day spa to pamper yourself. Nor should you wait for your birthday or anniversary to be treated to a spa. You can be beautiful and gorgeous every day by turning your own bathroom into your personal, luxurious, private spa sanctuary. There are a few simple ways to transform your bathroom into a beautiful, relaxing spa on a budget. Here are a few tips to create a spa in your bathroom: Candles. Candles change the energy in the room and are gorgeous. The more candles the better. There are some luxury candles on the market, like Jo Malone that cost over $50 for one candle. You don’t have to spend this kind of money to fill your bathroom with candles. I love the look of stacking jar candles on top of each other in a pyramid style. You can find jar candles at the dollar store. Tea lights are also great candles to buy. They usually come in packs in great amounts for a couple of dollars. You can make candle holders from just about anything. Look in your kitchen for jars you are finished with, wash the label off and you have a gorgeous candle. Scented candles are best for atmosphere and relaxation. Pick a scent that is not overpowering but sensual and luxurious. Vanilla is a great scent for candles. For extra luxury, put floating candles in your bathtub.

Another easy way to transform your bathroom into a fabulous spa on a budget is flowers. Whether you buy fresh or fake flowers, the instantly make any room more luxurious and inviting. The main point is to make your bathroom a luxurious spa that is inviting to you. So pick flowers that you love. Pick flowers in a color that inspires you and makes you feel good. Bunches of lilies, roses in all one color, or even daisies can make your bathroom look like a palace. Since you are on a budget, improvise for the vases. You can make a vase out of anything, you can find bottles anywhere, or, you can go shopping to places like IKEA or Walmart for beautiful vases under $5. Think opulence, decadence, and abundance.

Cleanliness and Clutter. This is your personal home spa, your personal sanctuary. Your bathroom is supposed to be a place to get beautiful, a place to relax and recharge. Dirt does not belong here. Make it a point to set a schedule to clean your bathroom. Do a little cleaning every day. Never leave trash in the bathroom, and spray your shower and wipe your counters after finishing in the bathroom in the morning. Clutter does not belong in your personal bathroom spa. Remove all unnecessary items and either move them or throw them away. Clear your counters of clutter and put your toiletries in the drawers or cabinets. Unless you love the look of your lotion bottles, perfume bottles, or other beauty product containers; hide them away. If you must keep your laundry in the bathroom, please keep it under control, and store it in an attractive hamper. It is very luxurious and comfortable to have lots of clean folded towels in your bathroom. For the spa look buy tons of white towels. Whenever you see white towels on sale, buy a couple. Soon you will have a huge collection of towels, just like a spa.

Beauty products. To finish your spa creation in your bathroom, you need beauty products. You can always go to the dollar store or the drug store and buy lots of moisturizers, balms, bath oils, beads, nail polish and facials for great low prices. Alternatively, you can run to the kitchen and make homemade beauty products. Olive oil is a must have staple for every one on their quest for beauty. You can rub it all over your body or put a little in the bath tub. Avocados, lemons, and even milk are popular food products to apply to your skin. You can easily make your own body scrub by combining salt, lemon, and olive oil. Just find some cheap jars to store your products.

Hopefully this article has helped to inspire you in some way, to create a beautiful bathroom spa for yourself to recharge and beautify.

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