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Fourth Graders at the Spa

Fourth Graders at the Spa

KAREN May 11, 2019

Many are talking about how much parents are spending taking their children for a day at the spa. Several parents do this once a week or more in some cases. The question is, is this ok? How will this later affect our children? I would never imagine taking my four year old son to the spa for a day of relaxation, but believe or not, some people do. Some people spend thousands of dollars every month to help their children feel better after all the stress of a day in the fourth grade. There are actually some spas available now that are just for children.

So, is this ok? I would think so, in moderation. It might not be my thing as a parent, but maybe for someone else, it is. I think moderation is the key word here, though. Where the problem begins is when parents start doing this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Children start getting used to this and this is where issues arise.

Not only do these children start to think that they are better than other children because they are pampered on a continual basis, they also start to look at themselves differently. They start to see their looks as one of the key components of life. They see how they look to others as a very important thing at the ages of ten and eleven when they should be focusing on more kid-friendly things like recess.

Starting to worry about looks at such a young age is not healthy. You would think that if you started worrying about your looks this early, you would have self-esteem issues later. I mean, if all you’ve got to go on is your looks, you’re going too disappointed when you realize the real world takes some smarts too.

I was someone who was way too concerned with trying to make myself look as perfect as possible in high school that this sickens me. I remember how long I took to get ready for school and how between classes, my friends and I were always late because we were fixing our make-up. I couldn’t imagine having started this at the age of ten or eleven.

It can be stressful to be so concerned about your looks and it’s sad that this is happening to children at such a young age. Let your children be children as long as they can because before you know it, they are going to be worrying about these things all on their own. Don’t be a factor in their stress by influencing them to be this concerned about the way they look. Try taking them to a park or reading a short story for relaxation instead. It’s much cheaper and much healthier.

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