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How to Have a Spa Party

How to Have a Spa Party

KAREN August 23, 2018

I love throwing parties and one that I had last spring was a spa party. I was first inspired to throw a spa party when I saw a picture of Ana Nicole Smith with her friends at a spa resort. It looked like a lot of fun relaxing and spending time with friends. So I wanted to create a spa party with all of my closest friends right at my home. I thought this would be an inexpensive way to get that spa treatment. There are simple things you can do to create a spa party at your home. Hire a massage person. You can get a great deal if you have someone come into your home. I find a massage person at the gym I was working out at. This person would give massages at the gym and I thought how perfect it would be to have them at my party. They charged $20 dollars an hour. I thought this was a great deal. I charged my friends $10 dollars and they each had a half an hour massage. You can also find a massage person at a spa. Sometime they are will to work on the side and charge less since the money is not being deducted by the business they normally work for.

Provide healthy foods. I looked up some healthy recipes on the Internet. I made sandwiches, salads, smoothies and fruit cocktails for dessert. My friends loved eating, relaxing and socializing.

Have spa music playing. I bought a CD called, Spa Lounge by New Earth. I played it during the party to help keep that relaxing mood.

Surround the room with flowers and candles. I had the living room filled with dozens and dozens of yellow roses. You can find some inexpensive roses at places like Sam’s Club, Costco and FoodMaxx grocery stores. It cost me about $12 dollars for twenty-four roses. I bought some candles at the dollar tree to help create that soothing and relaxing environment.

Have spa treatments available. I already have a lot of spa related stuff so I just organized it in an attractive way on a table. For example, I had a basket filled with at least twenty different colored mail polishes. I had different containers for mud masks, face exfoliate, lotions, body sprays and more.

Make a spa gift. I invited four friends to my spa party so I created four different spa gifts for each one of my friends. I bought four different colored boxes at the Dollar Tree. I filled each box with nail filer, lotion, mints, spa socks and other little goodies. When they first entered my home I had them pick which box they wanted. They loved it!

These are some tips on how you can have a spa party with some of your closest friends. My friends had a blast and I know your friends will too.

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