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How to Indulge in Spa Luxuries on a Tight Budget

How to Indulge in Spa Luxuries on a Tight Budget

KAREN March 4, 2019

I am a stay at home mom and while my husband makes enough for me to not have to work outside the home, we often have to skip luxuries because we live on one income. I absolutely love to get pedicures and facials at the salon but I know those luxuries aren’t within our budget right now. Even though these luxuries are not a necessity I always feel more rejuvenated after having a salon treatment. Instead of depriving myself I figured out a few little tricks to enable me to pamper myself right in the comfort of my own home. First I went to the thrift store & bought a footspa that was new in the box for only $5! I often see a lot of neat spa items at the thrift store that are brand new in the box or hardly used. My suspicion is perhaps a lot of these unopened items are unwanted Christmas & birthday gifts.

Many department stores like Walmart have single use facial masks & scrubs for around $1 to $2 and these masks include yummy scents like Chocolate & Cucumber Melon. Another idea is to just make your own facial mask. Regular kitchen staples like honey, yogurt or egg whites are wonderful for the skin. I just leave it on for a few minutes and then wash clean and your face will look glowing afterward! I sometimes use my Conair Facial Sauna instead (another beauty product I found at the thrift store). I simply use plain water and breathe in the steam for a few minutes. It’s super hydrating for the skin & great for the sinuses too.

For pedicures at home I use my foot spa to relax and soften my feet. I love the whirlpool function on my spa machine, its a lot like the one at the salon! After I’m done soaking my feet my daughter often does my pedicures for me. Then we switch and take turns and I do the same for her. ( Just make sure to wash the spa well in between uses.) Another idea is to make a party out of it and invite friends over and tell them to bring their foot spas and take turns giving each other pedicures. You could also make fancy drinks & serve appetizers to enjoy during your at home spa day. With some creative alternative approaches the possibilities are endless to enjoy yourself on a tight budget.

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