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How to Make Healthy Lasagna

How to Make Healthy Lasagna

KAREN August 2, 2020

What's more comforting than a big piece of cheesy, meaty lasagna? The flavors meld together to create a dish that's sure to make you forget a stressful day at work. Of course, you have to wonder how many calories and fat are in this comfort food classic. While, many lasagna recipes may not be healthy, that doesn't mean that you can't make healthy lasagna.

Lasagna, of course, start with ground beef. In order to make this dish healthy, you must look for a healthy ground meat. While you can use ground turkey, or even chicken, I highly recommend using 93% lean ground beef. This ensures that the flavor of your favorite dish stays as authentic as possible.

When it comes time to add sauce to your ground beef, remember that many store-bought sauces as loaded with sodium. Instead, why not consider making your own sauce? This doesn't mean using canned, store-bought tomato products either (which are also loaded with sodium). You should use the freshest ingredients possible. This is another great reason to have a garden and to do home canning each summer. That way, you're always able to make healthy pasta sauce for lasagna and other Italian dishes. Of course, lasagna wouldn't be very tasty without all those cheesy layers.

When it comes to making the cheese filling for your healthy lasagna, be sure to mostly use low-fat ingredients. You can find low-fat ricotta and cottage cheese. By using these two ingredients alone, you will make your lasagna healthier. Parmesan cheese is already low in fat and calories, especially in such low amounts. The only regular high-fat ingredient I recommend you using is mozzarella. Low-fat mozzarella cheese does not melt well, which means it can't give you the melted gooeyness you've come to expect from lasagna.

Last, but not least, you can also substitute lasagna noodles with healthy whole wheat lasagna noodles. Whole wheat lasagna noodles will add flavor and protein to your healthy lasagna. If you want to make this dish even healthier, make your own whole wheat lasagna noodles.

As you can see, even a high-fat dish like lasagna can be made healthy. All you need is lean ground beef, a low-fat cheese mixture, homemade pasta sauce, and whole wheat lasagna noodles. This new and improved healthy lasagna is a great source of protein, calcium, fiber, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Who knew flavorful comfort food could be so healthy?