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How To Throw A Spa Party

How To Throw A Spa Party

KAREN April 30, 2019

My daughter decided, not too long ago, that she would like to have a spa party to celebrate her birthday. That sounded like a great idea and relatively easy to have done. I contacted several local party places and was stunned to find that the cheapest place was $500 to paint the fingernails of 10 little girls. Wow, did I miss out on that career! Since my daughter had her heart set on this theme, I decided I could do it all myself for much less. I started by recruiting friends and family members to help run the spa that would be set up in various rooms in my house. I know I could not paint 100 fingernails alone. Secondly, I found a wholesale beauty supply store online and ordered some funky nail polish colors, nail stickers and safari themed pedicure supplies. The supplies turned out to be so much cheaper because I was buying them in bulk. I purchased some inexpensive wash clothes and a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream for the facial area of our spa.

Next I considered the fact that some of the girls attending the party would not be interested in every aspect of the spa so I found an easy craft to have set up in one area where they could take a break from their beauty experience if they so desired.

For the goodie bags, I completely lucked out that the dollar store had some manicure and pedicure sets for sale. These were a really big hit with the girls.

I was a bit nervous when party day arrived. But I began to relax as each girl arrived with their bathrobe (you need a bathrobe for a full spa experience) and began the pampering process. The girls were divided in groups and rotated through each of the four stations: manicure, pedicure, facial, and craft. It was a huge success and my daughter had a party she would never forget. And the best part is I did it all for under $100.

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