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Luxury Day Spa in New Jersey: DePasquale, the Spa

Luxury Day Spa in New Jersey: DePasquale, the Spa

KAREN August 12, 2019

Like a gem in the jungle, this spa is a beautiful oasis among a busy, hectic world. If you are looking to escape your everyday activities and get a little rest and rejuvenation, DePasquale, The Spa is the perfect escape. Enjoy a spa, salon, and even bring your kids along to enjoy the special children’s salon and store.

With sensual and unique treatments and facilities, you can really boast about your experience. Enjoy the Japanese steeping tub, or try the Italian rainwater shower. Signature treatments at the spa include “The DePasquale Experience” which relieves tired and tense muscles and really destresses you over a 90-minute period; or enjoy the “Deep Tissue Massage” that is perfect for chronically sore and tense muscles and even posture problems.

For women who are pregnant and need to de-stress, they can enjoy a 50-minute “Prenatal Massage” if they are past their first trimester. It really relieves the aches and pains that come with a pregnant body, and also help with the swelling that goes on.

Try the “Exfoliating Enzymatic Body Peel” that lasts 50 minutes and is great for people with skin troubles like chronically dry skin or even dull tone. Or go with the “Marine Pumice” that is for severely dehydrated skin and will leave you looking absolutely radiant!

The spa also offers sunless tanning options that include the popular airbrush tanning, and even an exfoliation before you do it so as to get the best effects of the process.

Call the number listed above for prices, or to ask any questions you may have. The staff is very friendly and they love what they do! And you will love it, too!

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