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Tips on Planning a Relaxing Spa Shower Right in Your Own Home

Tips on Planning a Relaxing Spa Shower Right in Your Own Home

KAREN September 5, 2019

Money is tight for many of us now. For this reason, most of us cannot afford the luxury of going to a spa. Yet, we all under stress, maybe more than usual. We need to relax for both our emotional and physical health. One way to do this is by enjoying a relaxing shower and turning it into an almost spa treat. All you need a little bit of time and a bit of imagination. What is the best thing about a spa? One thing is the mood that they set. You can set up your own spa mood. First, find you some really great scenting candles (lavender may be the perfect choice if you like the scent). If they make enough light for you to see, turn off your overhead lighting and use these in place. Now find some relaxing music to play. Soft jazz, classic or New Age music are most people favorites.

Now turn on your shower and allow it to just stream for a few minutes. By running hot water your bathroom will soon have a steam like effect.

Get out your favorite loofah sponge or brush and your favorite body scrub.

Turn the shower water down enough that it is still warm, but not enough to burn you. Step into the shower and allow the water to run all over your body. Using the brush or sponge, scrub your favorite body scrub all over your body. This will stimulate your skin and remove any dead skin cells at the same time (which we leave you with soft silky skin).

Now apply some lavender soap all over your body. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing abilities. Plus, it has a wonderful scent.

After you are finish washing your body, concentrate on your hair. Apply your favorite shampoo. As you are working the shampoo into your hair, make time to give yourself a stimulating scalp massage. This will not only help remove any dirt and buildup from your hair, it will help stimulate hair growth and relieve stress at the same time. Finally, finish by applying and rinsing with your favorite conditioner.

As you step out of the shower, wrap yourself up in the best fluffiest and softest towel you have. Take care to pat your skin dry instead of rubbing. You might want to take the extra time now and apply some lotion to your body. The first three minutes of stepping out of the shower and right after drying off is the perfect time to apply lotion. Your skin will absorb it much better during these three minutes. While applying lotion, don’t forget to pamper your feet, too.

Now you may want to put on a soft robe, instead of completely dressing, and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea for a few minutes before you get on with your day.

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