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Month: July 2020

KAREN July 11, 2020

A summer get together wouldn't be the same without potato salad. Unfortunately, this popular summer side dish is loaded with fat and calories. While many people choose to reinvent potato salad by using a healthy vinegar-based dressing, this isn't necessary. It's easy to make a healthy mayonnaise-based potato salad, if you know a few tricks.

First of all, don't peel your potatoes. Many people peel their potatoes before boiling them. But, did you know that most of the nutrients are in the skin of the potato? When you leave the peel on, you are actually adding nutrients to your potato salad. Just be sure to thoroughly scrub the skin to remove excess dirt.

As your potatoes are boiling, you will need to make the dressing for your potato salad. While, regular mayonnaise is a big no-no, light mayo is perfect for your healthy potato salad. I highly recommend using Kraft Light Mayonnaise. This is one of the only low-fat mayonnaises that taste close to the regular version. Next, add fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. Sea salt is healthy, because you use much less of this high-flavor salt. If you like a tangy flavor, you can also add mustard to your healthy potato salad dressing. Still, the most important note you need to remember is to only use enough dressing to lightly coat the other ingredients.

You might think you should avoid adding hard boiled eggs to your healthy potato salad, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Hard …

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