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How to Save at the Spa

How to Save at the Spa

KAREN August 12, 2019

Looking for ways to save at the spa? You can get pampered at the spa within your budget. Here’s how: Do your homework: Do not head straight to a spa that you come across. Enquire few places on rates and see what they offer within the package as part of cost cutting packages. It my be a good idea to look for new spas that are coming up in your area. They offer discounts and demos at very attractive prices as part of promotion.

Go in groups: It is always a good idea to head to spas in groups of about six or more. As you go in groups you are more likely to find good deals. Again, enquire at few spas in your area and find the best deal.

Look for spa coupons: You are likely to find many spa coupons as you sign up for credit cards. Call them up and enquire about the offers. You can use the reward points from your grocery chain store or internet service provider to get spa coupons. Many spas have coupons and good deals on their websites. Even many local magazines have coupons along with their ads. Look around and see where you can find coupons.

Look for bundle packages: Bundle packages can help you save money. Some spas offer 10 session for 400$, while others may offer a different package as one free session after three visits. It is also a great way to enjoy new services .

Sign up for e-mail or SMS alerts: Most spas may not advertise all their deals. Some spas may offer special discounts for regular customers. It is worth passing on your e-mail or phone number to find real good deals.

Enquire at spa and beauty schools: You might not get the best spa experience at a spa and beauty school, but you might be able to enjoy the spa experience at a fraction of the spa price from a trainer or trainee. Call up the spa and beauty schools to find if that is possible.

Head to the spa on weekdays: Weekdays may help you get best value for the money you spend. Spas will be less crowded and you may be getting bonus treatments like a free eyebrow shaping with a facial.

Spa referral discounts: Some spas offer referral discounts for referring friends. They may get a new customer while you may get a special deal. It is worth checking at the local spa, if they would offer spa referral discounts

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