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Designing a Bathroom Spa in Your Home

KAREN June 16, 2019

Some days on the job are more difficult than others. The boss wouldn’t quit yelling, your chair wasn’t adjusted right, you spent hours typing numbers into a database on the computer, and traffic made the commute home an hour longer than usual. You walk through the front door of your home, drop your briefcase on the nearest chair, and wish there was someplace you could go to recharge your batteries. What about the bathroom? There is nothing more relaxing than a long, hot soak in the tub with scented candles, bath beads and a glass of Chianti. Haven’t you ever wanted the the comfort and rejuvenation provided by an expensive spa right in your own home? It’s possible!

These days, more and more people are opting to install indoor jacuzzis in their bathrooms. Jet streams, bubbles and deep tubs are excellent for unwinding after a long day at work, and it certainly is less expensive than frequent trips to the spa. Home bathroom spas are an inexpensive, rewarding way to create a retreat within the walls of your own house.

Bathroom Plans

As with any type of remodeling or redecorating task, you must sit down and come up with the plans. Start with the amount of remodeling you plan to do. Are you happy with some parts of the bath, such as the sink and counters, and want to concentrate only on the tub and shower? Or do you want to redo the entire thing? If you want to move …

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Have Your Own Home Spa – How to Make Luxury Bath Bombs

KAREN May 25, 2019

Spa’s have gotten very popular over the last couple of years thanks to the relaxing atmosphere and the fantastic treatments. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of attending a spa on a regular basis. Now you can have your own occasional spa treatment at home, using bath bombs. When bath bombs are placed into the water, they let off an aroma that will make all of your worries and stress, wash away. Bath bombs are large colored balls that you can make yourself, then place in the bath tub when you want to take a relaxing soak. These bath bombs work by letting off scents that will help you relax and create your own spa in the comforts of home. When you put these bath bombs into your bath tub, they will swirl and spin. While all of this movement is going on in your tub, the bath bomb is letting off skin softeners to make your skin soft and smelling great.

Luxurious bath bombs are not only a great treat for yourself when you want to kick back and relax, but they also make the perfect gift. Creating several bath bombs of different colors and scents and placing them into a soft bag with a ribbon tie, attached with a note, can be the perfect gift for a family member of friend. Below, I will give you the recipe to make these terrific bath bombs so you can start your own at home spa.

Bath Bomb Recipe

1 cup …

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Fourth Graders at the Spa

KAREN May 11, 2019

Many are talking about how much parents are spending taking their children for a day at the spa. Several parents do this once a week or more in some cases. The question is, is this ok? How will this later affect our children? I would never imagine taking my four year old son to the spa for a day of relaxation, but believe or not, some people do. Some people spend thousands of dollars every month to help their children feel better after all the stress of a day in the fourth grade. There are actually some spas available now that are just for children.

So, is this ok? I would think so, in moderation. It might not be my thing as a parent, but maybe for someone else, it is. I think moderation is the key word here, though. Where the problem begins is when parents start doing this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Children start getting used to this and this is where issues arise.

Not only do these children start to think that they are better than other children because they are pampered on a continual basis, they also start to look at themselves differently. They start to see their looks as one of the key components of life. They see how they look to others as a very important thing at the ages of ten and eleven when they should be focusing on more kid-friendly things like recess.

Starting to worry about looks at such …

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How To Throw A Spa Party

KAREN April 30, 2019

My daughter decided, not too long ago, that she would like to have a spa party to celebrate her birthday. That sounded like a great idea and relatively easy to have done. I contacted several local party places and was stunned to find that the cheapest place was $500 to paint the fingernails of 10 little girls. Wow, did I miss out on that career! Since my daughter had her heart set on this theme, I decided I could do it all myself for much less. I started by recruiting friends and family members to help run the spa that would be set up in various rooms in my house. I know I could not paint 100 fingernails alone. Secondly, I found a wholesale beauty supply store online and ordered some funky nail polish colors, nail stickers and safari themed pedicure supplies. The supplies turned out to be so much cheaper because I was buying them in bulk. I purchased some inexpensive wash clothes and a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream for the facial area of our spa.

Next I considered the fact that some of the girls attending the party would not be interested in every aspect of the spa so I found an easy craft to have set up in one area where they could take a break from their beauty experience if they so desired.

For the goodie bags, I completely lucked out that the dollar store had some manicure and pedicure sets for sale. These were …

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Nature’s Touch Spa in Cape May County

KAREN April 14, 2019

Imagine enjoying a deeply relaxing and restful experience in a private spa, surrounded by nature’s beauty, trees, birds and butterflies! It’s the perfect setting for you to experience the “touch of nature” at Nature’s Touch Spa in Ocean View, in Cape May County, New Jersey. Here’s the right place where you feel relaxed the moment you enter, retreating from everyday life! It’s one of the “best kept secrets” in Cape May County, where many have come to relax with therapeutic massages, spa therapies and facials. Massage therapies can be combined with skin care and body treatments for additional health benefits. Nature’s Touch Spa offers a wide variety of relaxation therapies for both men and women. Try a Hot Stone Massage! This treatment combines traditional Swedish massage techniques with warm, smooth basalt stones and cold marble stones placed on key tension areas of the body to help balance, calm and create a feeling of wellbeing.

A host of body treatments are available, too, including Buff and Bronze, Salt Glow, Rosemary Mint Awakening, and Unwrapped, which is a very restful spa experience where you lay on a warm massage table while aromatic steam cleanses and detoxifies your body underneath a Steam Bath Canopy. This therapy allows you to accomplish the same results as a body wrap without feeling like a “mummy”.

Nature’s Touch owner, Kathy Gillespie, recently welcomed Linda Stout Dawson to the Spa’s staff. Linda explains, “My passion for massage was ignited when I was a little …

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Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa in French Polynesia

KAREN March 30, 2019

Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa in French Polynesia is the perfect venue for an exotic vacation for couples. The resort is comprised of over-water bungalows and beach suites providing an experience of Bora Bora that don’t be forgotten. Ideal for a romantic getaway or for those looking for seclusion, Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa is the ultimate in vacation paradise.

Located on the islet of Motu Tautau, Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa has created the ultimate in experiencing the island. The over-water bungalows feature Plexiglas openings allowing guests to feed fish. The location of the resort provides views on the ocean side of Bota Bota and a lagoon view of Taha’a.

Travelers planning to vacation at Le Teha’a can reach the resort by flying into Raiatea, Tahiti. From this point guests of the resort must transfer and take transportation by water which takes guests to the dock of the resort where guests receive an island welcome.

Guest’s accommodations in the overwater bungalows feature state-of-the-art electronics, luxury beddings, Wi-Fi for which there is an additional charge, Polynesian d├ęcor and more. Guests who wish to venture out for adventures are in the perfect region for exquisite diving experiences. A diving expedition can be arranged through the resort for guests to dive from among over twenty different diving locations.

Fine dining is near at hand from among the onsite restaurants which include Vanille, La Plage and Ohiri. Cuisine ranges from a variety of international dishes to Pacific Rim cuisine. Another …

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How to Indulge in Spa Luxuries on a Tight Budget

KAREN March 4, 2019

I am a stay at home mom and while my husband makes enough for me to not have to work outside the home, we often have to skip luxuries because we live on one income. I absolutely love to get pedicures and facials at the salon but I know those luxuries aren’t within our budget right now. Even though these luxuries are not a necessity I always feel more rejuvenated after having a salon treatment. Instead of depriving myself I figured out a few little tricks to enable me to pamper myself right in the comfort of my own home. First I went to the thrift store & bought a footspa that was new in the box for only $5! I often see a lot of neat spa items at the thrift store that are brand new in the box or hardly used. My suspicion is perhaps a lot of these unopened items are unwanted Christmas & birthday gifts.

Many department stores like Walmart have single use facial masks & scrubs for around $1 to $2 and these masks include yummy scents like Chocolate & Cucumber Melon. Another idea is to just make your own facial mask. Regular kitchen staples like honey, yogurt or egg whites are wonderful for the skin. I just leave it on for a few minutes and then wash clean and your face will look glowing afterward! I sometimes use my Conair Facial Sauna instead (another beauty product I found at the thrift store). I simply …

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How to Have a Spa Party

KAREN August 23, 2018

I love throwing parties and one that I had last spring was a spa party. I was first inspired to throw a spa party when I saw a picture of Ana Nicole Smith with her friends at a spa resort. It looked like a lot of fun relaxing and spending time with friends. So I wanted to create a spa party with all of my closest friends right at my home. I thought this would be an inexpensive way to get that spa treatment. There are simple things you can do to create a spa party at your home. Hire a massage person. You can get a great deal if you have someone come into your home. I find a massage person at the gym I was working out at. This person would give massages at the gym and I thought how perfect it would be to have them at my party. They charged $20 dollars an hour. I thought this was a great deal. I charged my friends $10 dollars and they each had a half an hour massage. You can also find a massage person at a spa. Sometime they are will to work on the side and charge less since the money is not being deducted by the business they normally work for.

Provide healthy foods. I looked up some healthy recipes on the Internet. I made sandwiches, salads, smoothies and fruit cocktails for dessert. My friends loved eating, relaxing and socializing.

Have spa music playing. I …

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