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KAREN December 5, 2020

Some people might find it weird, but health benefits of electronic massager were recognized centuries ago. People in ancient Roam were using electric fish to cure muscle pain, increase blood flow, and also for electronic stimulation. Muscle pain can slowly but certainly restrict your range of motions. It can reduce your work efficiency and cause many troubles in your daily routine. Therefore, it is necessary to cure muscle strain and pain as soon as possible. Electronic massagers offer a wonderful solution for this issue. That’s why it is widely used across the globe.

It is user-friendly and quite beneficial for your health:

Electronic massagers are available everywhere. You get various types of massagers to choose from and all of them are easy to use. You just need to check the instruction manual and start using it. Some massagers come with pods, which you need to place on your muscles. These pods will stimulate your muscles and you will feel much better.

The days of complicated massaging units are over. Modern electronic massagers are super user-friendly and anyone can use them. You can easily customize the settings according to your requirements and enjoy the massage at home.

Nerve retraining properties:

Nerve damage can be a big cause of severe pain and restricted motions. People experience pain when nerves cannot send indicators accurately. It causes discomfort and pain. You can use an electronic massager to retrain those nerves. Electronic massagers are designed to perform this task in a flawless manner.

Physical therapists …

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KAREN December 30, 2019

Spa treatments do not have to come with a hefty price tag. They don’t even have to involve leaving the house! If you have a few minutes to combine a few ingredients, and a little time to relax by yourself, you can do a homemade spa treatment. Best off all, you may already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Homemade hair treatments are easy to do. If you have oily hair, try mixing two parts lemon juice to one part water. Just dip your comb in the solution, comb through your hair, and you’re done.

A homemade mask can be made for dry hair: mix one teaspoon coconut oil, one teaspoon honey, and one egg. Massage it into your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then shampoo and rinse well.

You can also do a spa treatment for hair prone to flyaways. Rinse your hair with beer after shampooing, or spray it onto your hair after you get out of the shower. Use the beer at room temperature.

If you have color treated hair, there is a homemade spa treatment for you too. Mix one tablespoon cider vinegar with two ounces of mayonnaise. Let it sit on your hair for one hour.

While these different hair treatments sit on your hair, why not continue pampering yourself? Make yourself a bubble bath by mixing the following: 3-4 drops perfume, 4-5 drops of glycerin, 4 drops of food coloring, one cup of Epsom salts, and a half cup …

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KAREN October 15, 2019

One of the most luxurious and newest resorts to grace the white sand beaches of Puerto Vallarta is the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa which offers a private escape for the most discreet of travelers. Set amidst the Sierra Madre Mountains and an ecological preserve, the seaside property is set on unspoiled territory surrounded by local jungles and exotic flora and fauna. Ideal for the individual looking for a private romantic location, the luxury property offers exquisite accommodations in a beautiful setting. Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta is a luxury property adorned with travertine floors, polished wood and contemporary décor. Guests of the property have access to beautiful large rooms adorned by a wall of windows that provide views of the natural surroundings of the tropical region. The high-end resort offers 50 luxury guest suites in addition to 5 penthouse suites, which are all beautifully designed and feature living and dining areas. Other amenities include marble bathrooms, luxury linen, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, WiFi and more. Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is in a very private location and ideal for guests in need of discrete privacy. At your request a personal assistant can also be assigned to you.

Puerto Vallarta is just 10 minutes away from the resort allowing guests of the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa an opportunity to explore the quaint city full of shops, restaurants and galleries. History buffs have the opportunity to visit the ancient Mayan pyramids for which the …

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KAREN October 6, 2019

Casa Dorado Los Cabos Resort and Spa in Los Cabos, Mexico is the ideal choice for a luxury vacation destination that is central to everything including shops, restaurants and the beach. Located on the shores of Medano Beach, Casa Dorado Los Cabos Resort and Spa is within walking distance of shopping, fine dining, nightlife and much more.

Offering ocean views of the San Lucas Bay guest’s accommodations at Casa Dorado Los Cabos Resort and Spa feature a host of amenities to provide a home away from home for guests. Available in one or two bedroom suites guest accommodations feature state-of-the-art electronics, Jacuzzi tubs, private terraces, spa style amenities, tiled floors, beautifully adorned décor and luxury bedding, luxury bath products and much more. Many rooms depending on the category also feature kitchenettes.

On-site amenities at the Casa Dorado Los Cabos Resort and Spa include an incredible spa, the Saltwater Spa, which offers a menu of world-class body and facial treatments in addition to massage therapy. The resort also features a private beach club, three restaurants which serve international and regional cuisine in addition to several bars and lounges. The Casa Dorado Los Cabos Resort and Spa also has two swimming pools and offers guests a host of water activities.

While vacationing at Casa Dorado Los Cabos Resort and Spa guests have access to an assortment of exciting activities including golf, fishing, adventure explorations, swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, dolphin encounters, horseback riding, sightseeing, shopping junkets and much more.

Overall the Casa Dorado Los …

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KAREN September 5, 2019

Money is tight for many of us now. For this reason, most of us cannot afford the luxury of going to a spa. Yet, we all under stress, maybe more than usual. We need to relax for both our emotional and physical health. One way to do this is by enjoying a relaxing shower and turning it into an almost spa treat. All you need a little bit of time and a bit of imagination. What is the best thing about a spa? One thing is the mood that they set. You can set up your own spa mood. First, find you some really great scenting candles (lavender may be the perfect choice if you like the scent). If they make enough light for you to see, turn off your overhead lighting and use these in place. Now find some relaxing music to play. Soft jazz, classic or New Age music are most people favorites.

Now turn on your shower and allow it to just stream for a few minutes. By running hot water your bathroom will soon have a steam like effect.

Get out your favorite loofah sponge or brush and your favorite body scrub.

Turn the shower water down enough that it is still warm, but not enough to burn you. Step into the shower and allow the water to run all over your body. Using the brush or sponge, scrub your favorite body scrub all over your body. This will stimulate your skin and remove any dead …

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KAREN August 12, 2019

Like a gem in the jungle, this spa is a beautiful oasis among a busy, hectic world. If you are looking to escape your everyday activities and get a little rest and rejuvenation, DePasquale, The Spa is the perfect escape. Enjoy a spa, salon, and even bring your kids along to enjoy the special children’s salon and store.

With sensual and unique treatments and facilities, you can really boast about your experience. Enjoy the Japanese steeping tub, or try the Italian rainwater shower. Signature treatments at the spa include “The DePasquale Experience” which relieves tired and tense muscles and really destresses you over a 90-minute period; or enjoy the “Deep Tissue Massage” that is perfect for chronically sore and tense muscles and even posture problems.

For women who are pregnant and need to de-stress, they can enjoy a 50-minute “Prenatal Massage” if they are past their first trimester. It really relieves the aches and pains that come with a pregnant body, and also help with the swelling that goes on.

Try the “Exfoliating Enzymatic Body Peel” that lasts 50 minutes and is great for people with skin troubles like chronically dry skin or even dull tone. Or go with the “Marine Pumice” that is for severely dehydrated skin and will leave you looking absolutely radiant!

The spa also offers sunless tanning options that include the popular airbrush tanning, and even an exfoliation before you do it so as to get the best effects of the process.

Call the number listed …

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KAREN April 14, 2019

Imagine enjoying a deeply relaxing and restful experience in a private spa, surrounded by nature’s beauty, trees, birds and butterflies! It’s the perfect setting for you to experience the “touch of nature” at Nature’s Touch Spa in Ocean View, in Cape May County, New Jersey. Here’s the right place where you feel relaxed the moment you enter, retreating from everyday life! It’s one of the “best kept secrets” in Cape May County, where many have come to relax with therapeutic massages, spa therapies and facials. Massage therapies can be combined with skin care and body treatments for additional health benefits. Nature’s Touch Spa offers a wide variety of relaxation therapies for both men and women. Try a Hot Stone Massage! This treatment combines traditional Swedish massage techniques with warm, smooth basalt stones and cold marble stones placed on key tension areas of the body to help balance, calm and create a feeling of wellbeing.

A host of body treatments are available, too, including Buff and Bronze, Salt Glow, Rosemary Mint Awakening, and Unwrapped, which is a very restful spa experience where you lay on a warm massage table while aromatic steam cleanses and detoxifies your body underneath a Steam Bath Canopy. This therapy allows you to accomplish the same results as a body wrap without feeling like a “mummy”.

Nature’s Touch owner, Kathy Gillespie, recently welcomed Linda Stout Dawson to the Spa’s staff. Linda explains, “My passion for massage was ignited when I was a little …

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KAREN March 30, 2019

Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa in French Polynesia is the perfect venue for an exotic vacation for couples. The resort is comprised of over-water bungalows and beach suites providing an experience of Bora Bora that don’t be forgotten. Ideal for a romantic getaway or for those looking for seclusion, Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa is the ultimate in vacation paradise.

Located on the islet of Motu Tautau, Le Teha’a Island Resort and Spa has created the ultimate in experiencing the island. The over-water bungalows feature Plexiglas openings allowing guests to feed fish. The location of the resort provides views on the ocean side of Bota Bota and a lagoon view of Taha’a.

Travelers planning to vacation at Le Teha’a can reach the resort by flying into Raiatea, Tahiti. From this point guests of the resort must transfer and take transportation by water which takes guests to the dock of the resort where guests receive an island welcome.

Guest’s accommodations in the overwater bungalows feature state-of-the-art electronics, luxury beddings, Wi-Fi for which there is an additional charge, Polynesian décor and more. Guests who wish to venture out for adventures are in the perfect region for exquisite diving experiences. A diving expedition can be arranged through the resort for guests to dive from among over twenty different diving locations.

Fine dining is near at hand from among the onsite restaurants which include Vanille, La Plage and Ohiri. Cuisine ranges from a variety of international dishes to Pacific Rim cuisine. Another …

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KAREN August 23, 2018

I love throwing parties and one that I had last spring was a spa party. I was first inspired to throw a spa party when I saw a picture of Ana Nicole Smith with her friends at a spa resort. It looked like a lot of fun relaxing and spending time with friends. So I wanted to create a spa party with all of my closest friends right at my home. I thought this would be an inexpensive way to get that spa treatment. There are simple things you can do to create a spa party at your home. Hire a massage person. You can get a great deal if you have someone come into your home. I find a massage person at the gym I was working out at. This person would give massages at the gym and I thought how perfect it would be to have them at my party. They charged $20 dollars an hour. I thought this was a great deal. I charged my friends $10 dollars and they each had a half an hour massage. You can also find a massage person at a spa. Sometime they are will to work on the side and charge less since the money is not being deducted by the business they normally work for.

Provide healthy foods. I looked up some healthy recipes on the Internet. I made sandwiches, salads, smoothies and fruit cocktails for dessert. My friends loved eating, relaxing and socializing.

Have spa music playing. I …

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