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Three Healthy Fine Dining Options in Chicago

Three Healthy Fine Dining Options in Chicago

KAREN September 13, 2020

Chicago is known for delicious foods, offered up in a romantic city atmosphere. But what about those who want to be able to stick to their healthy eating plans, but still enjoy a fine dining experience? Well those friends are about to be shown a few of the best, right here in this list!

Crofton Wells
535 North Wells Street
Chicago, IL
Lots of filling, appetizing selection served up in absolute style. Enjoy interesting first courses like the Baby Octopus, $13, with a healthy and light chickpea puree. Or try the restaurant’s delicious signature crabcake, $16, made with real butter and a splash of yellow pepper, and served with a micro herb salad. The other entrĂ©es are mouth-watering, too, like Wild Salmon, $32; and Amish Chicken, $28. They also offer a wonderful menu of vegetarian selections, like the quinoa-corn johnnycakes, $12, made with mushrooms, avocado, etc.; or try the tastysummer risotto, $21.00, with a medley of grilled zucchini and yellow squash.

Green Zebra
1460 West Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL
One of your best bets in the Chicago area when you want pure style mixed with a vegetarian menu. The menu selections are unique, just like the dining atmostphere, but go ahead and keep your expectations high because the taste that will meet you is sure to meet and exceed them. Try delicious creations like a tasty starter, the Shaved Green Papaya with salted mango, cilantro, and perfectly grilled scallion, $9; or enjoy something heavier like the Sweet & Sour Eggplant Dumplings, $12. They even have wonderful desserts, if you want to go a little wild, like the popular Apple Filled Bismarcks, $12, that are served up with yummy caramel-thyme ice cream.

Roy’s Restaurant
720 North State Street
Chicago, IL
(312) 787-7599
Roy’s is a very popular dining destination in various cities, and the Chicago location is no exception to the great things you’ve heard. The cuisine is considered “Hawaiian Fusion” and you will love all the exciting flavors. It combines great Hawaiian ingredients with delicious and bold European flavors, and even a touch of Asian seasoning. You will find that most of the items on the menu are healthy selections including seafood creations and delicious freshly prepared salads with exotic ingredients.